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Simply select products and a template design.
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Cannot recommend this app enough! Karen and her team were incredibly supportive and really helped shape what we needed to create our catalogs in an easy and streamlined process. We tried every other app on the store and nobody came close to the level of personalization and features this app has. The user interface also got better and better while we were using it, and something as complex and personal as making a catalog became a really quick and intuitive thing to do. Honestly, this app saved countless week hours and our sanity. Look no further and please write to them with your needs, as I am sure they will do their absolute best to help. Great prices too, with a personalized plan available.

So happy we installed it!

- Organic Beer, Italy

Team and app 5 stars. I needed help with an issue, and Karem from customer support was fantastic, fixed my problem in no time. Thank you very much

- The Gem House, Switzerland

Support is fast, tecnical support very patient, offer a great deal! Software is esay to use and price seems correct!

- B-MO Bikes, Costa Rica

Your benefits

Easily select products and convert them to PDF.

LitPDF will allow you to select products and lists and convert them to PDF. The product listing that is created will be in the same order of your selected listings

Choose a template design.

LitPDF is a simple and effective way to share creative PDF documents. You can choose how your document will look by selecting one of our many design templates, and soon you can use customize the design yourself!

Fast processing of PDF.

LitPDF is an online PDF processing tool that saves you time and money. Your PDF files will be optimized and a download link will be sent to your email. Usually, the processing time lasts from a few seconds to five minutes. In general, the smaller is the PDF document, the faster it will be processed.


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  • Up to 108 products per each catalog.
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  • Generate 100 catalogs. Refreshes every month.
  • Up to 996 products per each catalog.


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  • Up to 324 products per each catalog.

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